Unpredictable Weather!
Please definitely do sign up for classes if YOU would like to come and definitely do cancel if YOU are not planning on coming.  The number of people we expect does affect the schedule as does comfort level of teachers regarding driving.  We are obviously more lenient with our cancelation policy on inclement weather days, again just let us know by canceling on-line or registering on-line whichever applies so we can plan.  

If we decide it is best to cancel classes...
1.   The class will be cancelled on-line.  This is the best place to look for most updated information.
2.  A message will be placed on voicemail that we are operating on an abbreviated schedule.
3.   We'll do our best to contact by e-mail, text, and/or phone those who have signed up...
4.   We will post on Facebook with our schedule or a link to the schedule.
5.   PRIVATE SESSIONS are totally different, please contact the teacher you are scheduled with if you are not able to make a session ASAP.

And definitely check our schedule of what IS happening!