Specialty Classes November 2018

Specialty Classes November 2018

Vertical Pilates

Saturday, 11/3 10:00-11:00 $30

Join Jamie for a 60 minute Standing Pilates class that will tone your center, improve your balance and posture, as well as relieve tension in the shoulders and low back. We’ll use the wall to lean against for some delicious stretches at the beginning and then we will add a challenge by moving away from the wall, finishing up with some standing exercises on the Wunda Chair.

Limited to 5 participants

Stretchy Mat and Yoga Wall

Saturday, 11/17 10:00-11:15 $30

Join Jamie for a 75 minute intermediate to advanced mat workout that will make you feel open and stretched out. Jamie will help you find flexibility in each exercise and spend the last 25 minutes using the yoga wall where you will continue to work on the theme of flexibility and open the spine in all directions.
Limited to 6 participants

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