physique classes

Physique Complete is a 55-minute signature Contrology Garage workout fusing cardio and resistance training in an elegant style.  This class is designed to tighten, sculpt, and transform the body. Physique will target those trouble areas such as the triceps, thighs, gluts & abs giving you the results you have been looking for.  Please wear socks with grip and bring water and a sweat towel.

Physique40 is the 40 minute version of Physique Complete.

Physique Core & Sculpt is an amped up Pilates Mat Class with special props selected because of their ability to chisel and define your muscles. Rock your abs and sculpt trouble spots with this efficient workout. Class Size is limited. This is a 40-minute Class.

Please wear socks with grip and bring water and a sweat towel along.

BURN Classes - Coming

BURN40 is the no-frills way to get a complete total body workout in 40-minutes flat. BURN40 is another Contrology Garage signature workout that could include interval anything including HIIT and agility drills, circuits, and beyond. Each day is different creating the muscle confusion to change your body. Challenge your mind and body and get the results you have been wanting. There may be some outdoor (weather-permitting) work. Push yourself, get uncomfortable, and discover your potential!

Wear sneakers, bring water and a sweat towel.