Whether you are a beginner or an advanced participant, Pilates helps you firm and strengthen every part of your body. This popular form of exercise is about stabilization, concentration, control, flow, breath, and precision. In a Pilates class, remember that Pilates is not about struggling to get the exercise done, but more of experiencing the coordination of movements using the correct muscle groups with focus and form. 
Here at The Contrology Garage, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We recommend discussing your fitness level and goals with one of our certified teachers in order to get started in the most efficient manner.  It can take 4-6 weeks to feel a difference in your body once starting Pilates on a regular basis. Most of our clients attend classes or take private sessions 2-3 times per week, some more, some less. Frequency of exercise is important when you are first learning the technique. We recommend 3 times per week for the first 2 weeks in order to establish a solid foundation and to achieve the best results. Below is a description  of our Pilates Group Classes.


On-Going Class Offerings

Pilates Mat Classes
Pilates Mat will challenge your core strength and stability. Special attention is given to abs, inner thighs, back and glut muscles. You will realize why Pilates is referred to as the “science of control”……Contrology! Expect a more efficient golf swing, an improved tennis game, better posture, and a more positive outlook on life!

  • Mat – All Levels is our standard 45-minute Mat Class taught at a consistent pace.
  • Mat Sculpt- takes our traditional Mat Class and adds resistance. This class is geared toward those who are comfortable with the basic exercises and have no physical limitations. With the addition of light hand weights and bands you will sculpt and challenge yourself!
  • Advanced Mat or Mat Challenge– is a 45 minute class that will challenge your body and mind with a brisk, invigorating classical advanced mat workout with crisp transitions. Due to the pace of the class, this is for experienced students, Teacher Approval is recommended.
  •  Reformer on the Mat-Experience a 60-minute mat class that will blend mat with reformer exercises leaving you feeling very sweaty and invigorated.
  • Mat with a Curve-In this mat/arc barrel workout you will  stretch out your hips, chest, upper back and thighs all the while creating stronger abdominals and balanced back muscles.  It’s a fresh take on the exercises from the mat while providing both challenge and assistance from the barrel.
  • Pilates on the Wall-This 45 minute intermediate to advanced mat class will use the wall to challenge and align the body for more stability and strength. The wall will help you feel the 2 way stretch in your body and help to create the opposition necessary to get the most out of each exercise. The wall will assist you in a better teaser and help in many of the other common love to hate Pilates exercises.
  •  Mat Sculpt-Experience classical Pilates Mat with the addition of light hand weights to add a little extra resistance to the workout.
    Notice how the addition of light weights can change how your body feels in many of the exercises like Teaser, Rolling Like a Ball, the Series of 5, the Hundred, and more.

Pilates Equipment Classes

  • Pilates Tower-Do you want to take your mat class to the next level? This class is limited to 6 participants and is often a client’s first experience on equipment. The tower, or half Cadillac, is a great piece of apparatus for students of all levels seeking to engage their powerhouse on a deeper level.
  • Pilates Tower UNLEASHED – Classical Pilates meets Contemporary Pilates in a class that shifts between and intermingles Tower & Reformer work!  Challenge your strength, stability, flexibility, and stamina with The Reformer Half Cadillac Apparatus in our exciting NEW CLASS!
  • Pilates Reformer-The Reformer…some of our new clients call it the “Transformer”.  Come experience the benefits a of a complete session on this beautiful piece of apparatus.
  • Pilates Apparatus-A solid workout on the Pilates apparatus…a brilliant way to align, invigorate, and tone your body!  Experience students only. Reformer, chair, and more.
  • Pilates Apparatus/Jumpboard-Pilates Reformer with the use of the Jump Board…this is Pilates with Cardio.  Experienced students only…if you are new to our studio, please sign up for a Private Session.  Pilates Jump board is a nice Segway into the reformer.  The exercises are challenging but less complicated then our pure Pilates Reformer classes!
  • Pilates 30/30– This is a full body workout that uses the Pilates Reformer for 30 mins and Pilates Tower for 30 min.  If you are “NEW” to Reformer or have hit a plateau then this class is for you.  By making sure to include both Reformer and Tower classes into your routine you are more likely to keep your body guessing and see results quicker.  Variety is the spice of life…right?
  • Wunda Chair/Mat Combo-This is a 55 minute Wunderful fun Wunda Chair and Mat combination workout. The Wunda chair is creatively incorporated into a full body Mat workout, turning it into a super effective body-sculpting sweat session! Pilates Mat experience is useful.
  • Chair Challenge-Experience the challenge of the Wunda Chair, a.k.a. The NYC Reformer. Challenge your strength, stretch, stability, and stamina on this ingenious invention of Joseph Pilates. Class is limited to 5 participants.
  • Pilates For Life-Pilates is for every BODY – Pilates is for LIFE!  Pilates for Life or (PFL) is a class designed for those over 65 OR for those looking for a slower paced class. The participants have the opportunity to work on the Pilates apparatus for a 45 minute class at the same rate as our mat classes.  The pace of this class may be slower but the focus is spot on.  We L
  • LOVE this crew!  Spaces fill so pre-registration is key!

Other Class Offerrings

TRX 40-Thank-you for helping keep our studio “Sparkle”, please leave outdoor shoes in cubbies at the front of studio. Our classes have no jumping or high impact moves, so sneakers are not needed. Indoor shoes, non-skid socks or bare feet are welcomed when taking TRX class.

Physique-Physique is a 40-minute signature Contrology Garage workout fusing cardio and resistance training in an elegant style. This class is designed to tighten, sculpt, and transform the body. Physique will target those trouble areas such as the triceps, thighs, gluts & abs giving you the results you have been looking for. Please wear socks with grip and bring water and a sweat towel.

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Independent Workouts are opportunities for clients, who have studio approval, to spend 60 minutes in the studio working out independently. These sessions are not lead by a teacher although a teacher will be in the room at all times for safety. Priority on equipment is given to clients working in classes or taking private sessions. Sessions are charged at a Drop-In Mat Rate of $17.