If you have never taken classes before or have been attending classes at a different studio and you are unsure of which class is the best fit for you, just give us a call. If you feel comfortable signing up on your own, then please do.  We ask that you register in advance either on-line or by contacting us, and then arrive 15 minutes before the start of class.

Pilates & Yoga

If you are new to Pilates or Yoga, it is ideal to start with a private session. We offer a First Time Private at a special rate of $50. Taking an introductory private is always recommended but not required except for those wanting to take a class on The Pilates Equipment.  During your private session a trained teacher will assess your level and offer advice to help you achieve your goals. Contact us by email or phone to let us know the days and times you prefer as well as your current exercise routine and goals.

We also get quite a few questions about whether Pilates or Yoga is the right choice for you, and we can say that approximately 60% of our clients practice a combination of the two. Feel free to call the studio for more advice as a lot depends on your physical goals and level.

Signature Classes – physique

These programs have a different learning curve than Pilates and Yoga.  Most new clients with an interest in these formats jump right into our ongoing classes.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please ask.

TCG Intro Classes

See Schedule for class offerings 

Pilates Mat– Pilates mat is the heart and soul of the entire Pilates System and If you’ve never done Pilates before, this 45 minute Beginner class is a great place to start. This class will teach you the classical mat order of exercises. You will learn the basics with lots of detailed information so you can hone in on your form and get a solid foundation going.

Intro to Tower-If you have never used the springs before this is a great place to begin to understand how to use the springs for assistance and resistance. This 45 minute Tower workout covers all the juicy basics using the springs, Roll Back Bar and the Push Through Bar. Learn how the Tower can help build core strength, balance, and control in the body while it stretching you out.

Intro to Reformer-This class is for those who have been taking Pilates Mat and/or Tower and have wanted to try the Reformer.  This class will introduce you to the Reformer and get you ready to jump into classes. Come find out what all the hype is about!

Yoga Wall Basics-In this 45 minute Beginner Level class expect to do some traditional Yoga. You will begin in a grounded position, explore some pranayama work, continue to build heat during Sun Salutations, and then eventually take time to explore your mind/body relationship with twists, balances, and stretches while using the assistance of the Yoga straps and yoga sling to delve deeper into various poses.