“Each teacher at Contrology Garage works from a strong belief that helping students to move at their level of involvement will enhance each life both mentally and physically.  All teachers at Contrology Garage have helped me to move again after surgeries and accidents.  I am indebted to their compassion and skill”. Evelyn, Cary

“I’ve had a great experience at The Contrology Garage! The classes are challenging but the instructors (mechanics) are attentive and modify exercises on the spot.   I’m seeing improvements in flexibility, balance and strength.  I’ll be attending Pilates for Life as long as I possibly can”. Julie, Apex

“Did you know that Pilates teachers need corrections in their bodies, too? Perhaps teaching all day or the demands of life put our bodies into unhealthy muscle patterns, and we need someone to look at our bodies when we move to lengthen a little more here or there, connect a little better right here. Stacie is my go-to Pilates instructor. With her advanced training through such greats as Kathi Ross-Nash and others, she has guided my body and brain and my teaching to a higher standard. And I feel all the taller for it”! Chris, Pilates on Pace, Raleigh

“For me, the most important about part about taking Pilates at The Contrology Garage are the instructors. Each are excellent, personable, giving special attention to each of their clients. Each instructor has different routines and challenges that keep you motivated. The Studio is always adding interesting class options to mix it up. I would recommend their package deals to stay motivated and keep you on schedule. Pilates has improved my flexibility, strengthen my core and at my age (64+) I didn’t think it was possible. Pilates is for everyone, of any age. Give it a try! Plus the Studio environment is amazing”. Christine, Apex

“I have been coming to The Contrology Garage for my Pilates workouts since day one. I have known Jamie, Patty, Stacie, and Missy for over twelve years. They are all very knowledgeable and dedicated teachers who challenge and motivate you to obtain a stronger, more flexible body.” Dagmar, Apex