Contrology – “the science of control” and the name given by Joseph Pilates to his Method. In his book, Return to Life Through Contrology, Joseph Pilates defined Contrology as a way to completely and thoroughly unify the body, mind and spirit.
Garage – “a shop for repair and fine-tuning”

Our Philosophy

We believe in promoting the well-being of the entire individual (mind, body, & spirit) through mindful movement. Our amazing combination of modalities includes Classical Pilates, Yoga and Signature Classes. Together with our combined 90+ years of experience, we are  equipped with the skills and experience to take each BODY to the next level.

Here at The Contrology Garage (TCG) we strive to provide all of our clients with a pure and life-changing exercise program designed to support you in meeting your desired fitness goals. Our dedicated team of experienced Pilates instructors will guide, challenge, and motivate you to explore and redefine the way that your body moves, thus redefining your “workout”.

At TCG, we specialize in personalized instruction in both private and small group class settings. We also offer off-site training.

All of our instructors are highly qualified, results-oriented, and highly passionate about making Pilates accessible to anyone.  We are deeply committed to our clients and truly believe that movement heals.  Our studio is filled with amazing energy.  Come and check us out and you will feel it.  We proudly serve Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, and Raleigh.  We welcome you to our community!

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